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"Safety & Beyond"

  Sole Distributor in Malaysia


Automated External Defibrillator

At HAISAR SUPPLY & SERVICES it’s our objective to source and deliver of Safety and PPE requirements by our customers in shortest time. At HAISAR it’s imperative for us to put customer expectations as our top priority.We take effort to garner ourselves on the latest knowledge on providing safety solutions instead of just delivering products.
 Our mission is to provide safety and procurement solutions to our customers, through our large network and professional working relationship with principal suppliers, manufacturers, marketing companies and agents both domestic and overseas, which we have built up over the years.

We carry stock for inventory that are fast moving, and we always refrain from stocking products that has limited shelf-life, these products may have substandard qualities during delivery as the period it was stored couldn’t be determined.
We always believe that we must project realistic approach in our delivery capabilities, before committing lead time of products, and such promised is made we go at lengths to keep the dateline.
Securing the business is important but it’s delivering the business is paramount.
Start-up Companies during the project phase often requires unique, varied, off-the-cuff and compelling demands that needs an holistic approach in coordinating and mobilizing the deliverables to project site. We have acquired the capability to offer our solution not only on safety products but other essentials cabins, furnitures, signages, stationaries and other needs.
At HAISAR Safety is something we will not compromise, we believe in “Divine and Noble” teachings in our concept of business operations. To protect life is utmost human creed.
We are the sole distributors for the products below :- 

  • Prochoice - PPE and Safety Equipments from Australia
  • Workit - Safety Workwear from Australia
  • Zoll - Automated External Defibrillator
  • Detectamet - Food safe detectable products from U.K