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Safety is something we will not compromise, we believe in

“Divine and Noble” teachings in our concept of business operations.

To protect life is utmost human creed.

Cable Lockout

Adjustable Cable Lockout

a) Made of industrial resin body with insulation coated stainless steel cable(PVC free). 

 b) Accepts up to 4 padlocks for multiple lockout application. 

c) Includes high-visibility, re-usable, write-on safety labels (English, French & Spanish)

 d) Cable length can be custom made.
Lockout Safety Supply Squeezer

a) Made of industrial Impact Modified Nylon, stainless cable is coated with red plastic.

 b) Simply squeeze device to tighten cable, insert your padlock to secure the handle. 

 c) Comes with cable length : 2.4Mtr, Dia.:3.5mm.Cable length can be customized. 

 d) Other colors can be customized.
Cable Lockout Tagout Devices
a) Flexible, cost-effective cable locks suitable for gate valves of all sizes and may also be used to lock out multiple valves all with one device. 
 b) Lighter than chains, easy to carry and use. 
 c) Cable is made of stainless steel or steel with insulated cover. Diameter 3mm, length 1.8m(length can be made against with your requirements).