Haisar Supply & Services Sdn Bhd
 "Safety & Beyond"

Safety is something we will not compromise, we believe in

“Divine and Noble” teachings in our concept of business operations.

To protect life is utmost human creed.

Protective Headwear

Head and shoulders above the rest, ProChoice® Safety Gear's safety helmets are tested and certified to Australian, NZ Safety Standards AS/NZS 1801 and international standards as well.ProChoice® Safety Gear's safety helmet has all met the exacting standards for Impact protection; electrical resistance; stiffness; shock absorption and resistance to penetration.

Our safety helmet is strong, light and comfortable and compatible with a range of other ProChoice® Safety Gear accessories, including protective face-shields, safety earmuffs and sun protection ashading. ProChoice® Safety Gear safety helmets are available in a range of colours that help classify work areas, company position and visitors to site. ProChoice® Safety Gear hard hats incorporate the convenient ProLock adjustment system and ProLink harness webbing for superior shock absorption. You can even add company logos to your safety helmet order to us.

Like most ProChoice PPE, attention is given to operator safety, convenience and comfort. The safety helmet are fitted with the ProLink anchoragesystem which considerably enhances the shock absorption effectiveness of the hard hat, while the ProLock adjustment system enables the internal harness to be adjusted while the hard hat is being worn.